A domain name is an easy-to-use and unique website address that you'll be able to get for your site. It routes a numeric IP address that is employed to distinguish sites and devices on the Web but it is easier to remember or distribute. Each domain consists of 2 parts - the name that you choose plus the extension. For instance, in domain.com, “domain” is called Second-Level Domain and it is the part you will be able to pick, whereas “.com” is the extension, which is called Top-Level Domain (TLD). You are able to buy your domain through any accredited registrar organization or move an existing one between registrars in case the extension can support this feature. This kind of a transfer doesn't change the ownership of a domain name; the thing that changes is where you are able to control the domain. The majority of the domain extensions are free for registration by all entities, however a large number of country-code extensions have certain requirements like local presence or a current company registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Shared Hosting

In case you acquire a shared hosting account through our company, you'll be able to register domains with more than fifty generic and country-code extensions, for instance .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, .co.uk and numerous others. For many of the aforementioned we are an accredited registrar, while for others we work with some of the most popular registrars out there, therefore we will provide you with almost split-second registration and domain administration services. In case you already have a domain name through some other company, you are able to effortlessly move it over and control it along with your shared web hosting package with our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You'll get total control over all of your domains anytime and you shall be able to renew them, create custom-made domain records, create Privacy Protection and much more.